Intra Surgical Supply Chain Information: How Digital Technology and Content Can Improve Patient Care

(Fourth in a series of articles outlining how the Summate Digital Operative will improve different aspects of the O.R. supply chain) Our previous article outlined the problems facing O.R. staff and surgeons with regard to supply chain information during surgery. In this article we address how Summate’s Valet software, with vendor supplied information content, can alleviate the information isolation that can occur in the operating room for HCP operating room staff. Einstein is equipped with Amazon voice recognition technology, which can be used to query the Summate Valet database for mission critical digital information during surgery, commanded directly from the surgical field. Einstein’s

Information Constipation: Illustrating The Badly Bottlenecked O.R. Information Supply Chain

(Third in a series of articles defining the current state the hospital O.R. supply chain. This article will illustrate the problems with the information aspect of the O.R. supply chain) On January 9th, 2007, Steve Jobs stood before the MacWorld gathering in San Francisco and announced a new product. As the audience cheered, he introduced the device as a fusion of a music , phone, and an internet connectivity. Up until that time, if you wanted all three, you had three devices, or nothing at all. The iPhone, as it was called, was a revolutionary technology: it changed how we live and work by access to communication and information. Its used today in ways that even Jobs couldn’t have imag

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