Umbrellas and Orthopedic Implants: The Travesty of Information Constipation

Sitting on my couch, I clicked the “submit” button on the Home Depot website, an online order for a 6x9 umbrella for my deck. It was delivered to my house 2 days later. I had bought the same umbrella 13 years ago. Back then I had to visit 3 stores, it was twice the price, I had to special order the color I wanted, and it took 3 weeks for it to be delivered for pick up at the store. What happened? Why was my experience so much better now than back then? I’ll tell you why, and its two simple words: Perfect information. When I purchase something online now, the seller learns about me - where I live, what my preferences are. Instead of visiting 3 stores over an afternoon, I visit 5 website

Summate Announces Digital Direct Partner Platform

Newburyport, MA. Summate Technologies, the leader in point of care sterile field scanning technology for tracking orthopedic implant usage from surgical sets and trays, today announced its Digital Direct partner platform. The program will enable healthcare providers easier access to lower cost, high quality orthopedic implants through supply chain automation and digital management of sets and trays. Under Digital Direct, Summate connects value-based device OEMs with providers and surgeons, and delivers Scan Ready orthopedic sets and trays that can be fully managed by the provider, from scanning implant usage at point of care in the surgical field to automated reorder to re-assembly and res

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