Data Bonanza: How Scanning Implant Usage During Surgery Will Revolutionize Orthopedic Device Market

Call it a grand bargain: in return for supporting and increasing efficiency in hospitals and ASCs, and helping to make their products easier to use, device companies can get a great return: granular, real time demand data that they have never had access to.

Summate not only offers full automation for the operating room, but our Velox software captures key pieces of information in the process. Information that will be invaluable for both the operations and marketing functions of device company. All in real time, and "dead nuts" accurate.

Traditionally, most granular demand/usage data for device companies has been locked up at the field sales level, with direct reps and distributors. The rep or distributor knows the what, where and how of granular product usage, in an informal fashion. Device OEMs can buy demand data, but it’s dated, and not necessarily accurate.

Summate’s Velox software collects critical information before the case through our touchscreen interface. Surgeon and procedure are picked off of pull down menus, by the circulating nurse at case set up. This information is transmitted, along with a PO and the restock information (along with exact set used) to the device OEM. In real time. Complete automation.

The demand reporting prospects for device OEMs is incredibly compelling: revenue by surgeon, ROI by surgeon, revenue per procedure, revenue per set, set turns, non-rotating inventory reports, and on and on. All 100% accurate and in real time. Just look at a couple of examples of the gorgeous data….

Revenue by surgeon...

Revenue by case type...

ROI by surgeon...

Supply chain automation provides incredible benefits and efficiencies for all parties involved in a supply chain. It’s revolutionized every industry. Its not rocket science to see that it’s a win win win for providers, device companies, and patients.

It's time for the orthopedic device and healthcare industries to put Scan in The Plan. With Summate Technologies.

For more information please see our web page at

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