Summate Announces Pilot with Mercy Health System

Newburyport, MA, January 6th, 2020: Summate Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has signed a letter of intent with the Mercy Hospital system out of St. Louis, Missouri to initiate a phase 1 pilot of its in-field surgical implant tracking technology. Combining its proprietary marking technology with its Velox™ software, Summate tracks actual implant usage via scanning during surgery directly in the sterile surgical field.

Scanning at point of use, or supply chain automation, is a proven technology to lower cost through improved inventory management, better demand accuracy, and superior data metrics to manage the product resupply process. Mercy is a 45-hospital system that has advanced capabilities in the procedural areas focusing on GS1 Standards, automated inventory management in supply chain, and point of use scanning to drive clinical optimization.

“Operating rooms have high-acuity procedures that demand the time and attention of clinical teams. Nurses and surgical technicians need to spend their time focusing on the patient but also have the responsibility for documentation, supplies, and resources needed for those patients. Mercy has a high-level of dedication to accomplishing both as this drives the best outcomes for patients. Utilizing technology that can enhance clinical workflows, reduce work load, and increase efficiency is our focus.”

-Betty Jo Rocchio, MS, BSN, CRNA, CENP

Chief Nursing Optimization Officer


Summate’s solution centers on its patented TAGMark™ laser powered scanning technology, which is used to retrofit existing orthopedic implant sets and trays. The Summate solution is the first total scanning platform which can scan usage of all supplies that are used in the operating room during surgery.

“Every other industry, in fact every other department in the hospital, scans at point of use to initiate their supply chain - except for biggest expenses in the largest profit center in the hospital - the surgical field in the operating room. Supply chain automation is a proven tool for efficiency, and for the O.R. it will take out billions in costs over time by trimming the current process of 7-8 manual, error prone steps which can take weeks to complete, to one scanned, accurate, and automated process which literally takes seconds from usage tracking to billing.”

-Phil Sayles

President and Founder

Summate Technologies, Inc.

The global healthcare system is plagued by high acquisition and support costs for surgical implants. Much of this cost is driven by labor intensive, error prone multi-step manual implant supply chain processes, which rely on pens, papers, sticky notes, scraps of paper, and multiple manual data entry steps between 4-5 different people in different areas of the hospital. Surgical field scanning eliminates most of these steps by digitizing the usage information at point of use, automating billing, and providing both hospitals and vendor OEMs better tools to manage their inventory, allocate resources, improve quality, and reduce supply chain friction and waste.

For further information please contact Phil Sayles at 844-SUMMATE, or phil.Sayles@summate.NET.

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