Summate Announces Digital Direct Partner Platform

Newburyport, MA. Summate Technologies, the leader in point of care sterile field scanning technology for

tracking orthopedic implant usage from surgical sets and trays, today announced its Digital Direct partner platform. The program will enable healthcare providers easier access to lower cost, high quality orthopedic implants through supply chain automation and digital management of sets and trays. Under Digital Direct, Summate connects value-based device OEMs with providers and surgeons, and delivers Scan Ready orthopedic sets and trays that can be fully managed by the provider, from scanning implant usage at point of care in the surgical field to automated reorder to re-assembly and restock of the trays in SPD.

“Management of orthopedic sets and trays is stuck in the 1950’s. It’s an entirely manual process that relies on pens, papers, phone calls, sticky notes, and 2-3 manual data inputs across 5 or 6 people in different areas of the hospital. Summate takes the current system of 6-10 inaccurate, error prone steps and reduces it to one, scanned, efficient process. Our software and scanning technology also enables far more accurate tray re-assembly and restock down in SPD. We give the provider control over their own implant supply chain, provide greater surgeon choice and value assessment, and can offer savings of up to 40-60% though our value OEM partners in the process” commented Phil Sayles, CEO and Founder of Summate. “That level of cost savings is extremely compelling to providers who are financially hamstrung from the COVID19 shutdown.”

Summate’s point of care sterile field scanning process is centered around its revolutionary, laser powered TAGMark technology, which contain microchips called pChips. Unlike barcode/optically read scanning technology, TAGMarks are built into orthopedic trays and last the functional life of the tray. They are impervious to staining, scratching and contrast fading, which degrade barcodes that are applied to reprocessed surgical assets.

Additional benefits of the Summate solution are the introduction of digital support content to the surgical field staff. Summate’s Einstein smart data cart provides technical support videos, tray overview and set up videos, voice communication with the sales rep, and video transmission capabilities - all direct from the sterile field during surgery. Combined with implant and inventory tracking, Summate mitigates the need for sales reps in the operating room, which is an ongoing concern during the COVID19 pandemic.

Summate’s solution is literally “drop in” and “turnkey”, with no provider IT integration necessary to deliver the efficiency and ROI that digital asset management delivers. Summate will work with its provider and device partners to deliver fully scannable trays on an account by account basis. With enough participating device partners at the account, the entire service is no charge to the provider.

To inquire about delivering Scan Ready sets and trays to your customers, or to inquire about using scannable sets and trays for your hospital or surgery center, please contact Phil Sayles at Phil.sayles@summate.NET

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