Summate announces TDM USA To Join Digital Direct Partnership Program

Newburyport, MA: Summate Technologies, the leader in point of care sterile field scanning solutions for orthopedic implants, today announced that TDM USA has joined its Digital Direct partnership platform. Utilizing Summate’s unique light-powered TAGMark™ scanning technology, TDM will offer “Scan Ready™” implant and instrument trays that enable implant tracking directly from the surgical field at point of use. Summate also collects and sends procedure and surgeon information, as well as a purchase order, directly to device OEMs as part of its supply chain automation solution. In return, healthcare providers get high-quality value-priced implants, easier to use trays, superior inventory management tools, and better process controls for self-managing orthopedic trays in their sterile processing departments.

“Scanning at point of use is the gold standard for supply chain initiation in every other department of the hospital, and in fact every other industry in the world. The data and inventory management tools we offer to the device industry are extremely valuable. Summate slashes the business cycle for orthopedic devices from weeks to seconds and provides invaluable real time market data to device companies that they have never had before. And through Summate’s Digital Direct program, our orthopedic device partners can offer incredible cost savings for providers on implants” commented Phil Sayles, founder and CEO of Summate Technologies. “It’s a compelling combination of benefits, and a win win win for providers, device companies and patients. We are excited to work with TDM, which offers a broad line of extremely high quality extremities trauma and reconstruction implants”.

For TDM USA, a Utah-based medical device company focused on reducing inefficiencies and costs associated with the delivery of orthopedic trauma and extremity implants, Summate’s Digital Direct partnership program is a natural fit. “We are striving to be an agent of change in the healthcare sector by delivering high-quality, clinically-proven, value-priced implants via an efficient, flexible service model” stated Clay Smith, President and General Manager of TDM USA. “Summate’s Scan Ready™ technology reduces inefficiencies in the supply chain and allows TDM to provide additional value to its provider customers. The ability to digitally track and communicate implant usage data while making the replenishment and tray ready process easier for facilities improves the supply chain process and reduces healthcare costs.”

Summate is currently engaged in pilot programs at several large hospital systems and is looking to offer its Digital Direct model to providers across several non-sterile orthopedic device specialties, including trauma, spine, and sports medicine.

For more information on Summate Technologies, please visit www.summate.NET.

For more information on TDM USA, please visit

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